When you want to create a great barbecue, there are a few basic grilling techniques you should know. Here, we’ll cover Direct heat, Rotisserie, Cold grate, and Churrasco grilling techniques. You’ll have a delicious, flavorful meal in no time! Here are some other grilling techniques you should know! For extra spice, try Char-grilled vegetables, which are a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts.

Direct heat grilling

Direct heat grilling is a simple way to prepare foods by cooking them directly over the source of heat. This technique is ideal for grilling thin cuts of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and even burgers. When using a gas grill, make sure all burners are set to the highest level, and preheat for 10 to 15 minutes. You can adjust the grill’s settings to the lowest level if the heat becomes too intense.

The two methods of grilling are similar in terms of cooking time, but there are some differences. Indirect heat grilling involves cooking food on a low to medium heat source. Unlike direct heat, indirect heat grilling allows you to close the lid while cooking. For faster cooking, direct heat is perfect for food like burgers and steaks. Foods that need to cook longer can be cooked on indirect heat. This method is also ideal for searing.

Rotisserie grilling

To cook a rotisserie, the first step is to prepare your grill. Before you begin, make sure the meat is well-marinated. Use garlic cloves or a dry rub. If cooking fish or vegetables, add olive oil and herbs. Some rotisseries feature settings for adjusting the speed of rotation. Smaller meats are cooked at four to six rpms, while larger ones can be cooked at one to three rpms.

The second step is to secure the meat on the rotating turn spit. This will ensure that it sears properly and cooks evenly. A rotisserie will also ensure that the meat is evenly cooked. Because the food is rotating, it also bastes itself, keeping the cooking process consistent. This step will also ensure that the meat cooks in a faster way. Lastly, you can place the meat on the spit at the right temperature.

Cold grate grilling

For perfect results, you need to understand the fine points of cold grate grilling. It involves a two-step process involving reverse-searing the meat. Rather than using the screaming hot grill grate to sear the meat, you will place it on a rotating grate and rotate it at one-minute intervals. This method prevents grill marks from appearing on the meat and results in an even, dark sear.

In most cases, a grill does not get hot enough to achieve an all-over sear. Instead, the heat generated by the cooking grate only gets the meat’s surface to brown, and the rest of the meat does not get any additional flavor. The cold grate method helps achieve a wall-to-wall colour with the same amount of heat. However, you must remember that the results are not as impressive as searing.

Churrasco grilling

Unlike other forms of barbecue, churrasco grilling requires careful, meticulous attention to detail. Aside from choosing the right cut of meat, you should marinate it overnight before cooking it. This will help the meat retain its natural flavor while cooking on the churrasco. Here are some basic tips to grill churrasco:

First, season your meat with salt. The meat should be as evenly cooked as possible to create the perfect crust. This will help you achieve juicy, tender meat that is perfect for churrasco cooking. Traditionally, churrasco was primarily beef, but now incorporates chicken, fish, and even poultry. The most important aspect of churrasco cooking is getting high-quality meat that is cooked to perfection.